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INTENDANT. One who has the charge, management, or direction of some office, department, or public business.

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His point was that the rule of intendants and of various laws emanating from Paris tore apart the customary social relations in French communities.
Dupuy, Claude-Thomas, 15 mars 1727, Ordonnance au sujet du bruit qui s'estoit repandu a l'occasion de la non publication d'une precedente ordonnance, Archives Nationales du Quebec, Fonds Intendants (El, Serie 1).
Each house has its own autonomous artistic administration--Jurgen Flimm is Intendant at the Staatsoper, Andreas Homoki at the Komische and Kirsten Harms at the Deutsche--but, since 2004, they have (along with the Berlin State Ballet and the Stage Services Company, which provides the theatres with sets and costumes) all come under the fiscal management of the Berlin Opera Foundation.
L'edit, de son vrai nom Edit du roi concernant la discipline de l'Eglise et l'etat et la qualite des negres esclaves aux iles de l'Amerique, redige sous les directives de Colbert, se fonde essentiellement sur les memoires du 20 aout 1682 et du 13 fevrier 1683 de Blenac, Patoulet et Begon, gouverneur-general et intendants des iles francaises d'Amerique ; Lucien Peytraud, L'esclavage aux Antilles francaises avant 1789, Pointe-a-Pitre (Guadeloupe), Desormeaux, 1973 aux pp.
The incredibly litigious politics of Dijon gradually quieted down as avocats lost seats in the city government, and governors and intendants assumed greater powers.
In particular, the text explores the complexities authorities dealt with in deciding to use coercive force; Louis XIV's reliance on his standing army to maintain order within the kingdom; the significant difficulties encountered by intendants, governors and other local authorities as they tried to implement the Crown's coercive policies; and implications of this study for more familiar debates including the nature of French absolutism and the role of armed coercion in the process of 17th- century state formation.
29) Richard Bonney, "The Intendants of Richelieu and Mazarin,
Typically, however, they delegated this task to regional and local administrators such as the fiscal intendants, prefects, and county magistrates, instructing them to survey the public collections of prefectural and county schools, as well as the private collections (sijia) of high officials, retired and local officials, local scholars, and "the people" (minjian) or "the commoners" (shu).
En tant que geologues, nous disposons de la connaissance scientifique nous permettant d'etre des intendants efficaces de la planete Terre, et a ce titre, nous avons un role de premier plan a jouer dans le debat sur les changements climatiques.
5 million voters were required by law to go to the polls to elect intendants and Juntas Deparamentales, or 31-members departmental councils.
A l'echelle nationale, les memoires des intendants sur les provinces pour l'instruction du duc de Bourgogne eurent la meme fonction a la fin du XVIIe siecle; (19) les copies de chancellerie sont la aussi fort communes.
De concert avec des partenaires regionaux, nationaux et internationaux, les intendants benevoles ont franchi avec succes d'importants obstacles, incluant: Ia petite taille de la zone protegee; un budget petit et imprevisible; et des reactions locales negatives.