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INTENDANT. One who has the charge, management, or direction of some office, department, or public business.

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The district's super intendent, Hertica Martin, who has been on paid leave since mid-April, also earns $137,500.
Fanny, therefore, is definite about what she wants, and 'had no intention either of staying at home idly, or of marrying the first suitable intendent for her hand' (p.
In the Columbus school district, Super intendent Liddell has just launched the 2020 Project to reach an 85 percent high school graduation rate by that year--an ambitious goal considering that only 70 percent of the district's students graduate now and the percentage has decreased from 80 percent more than a decade ago.
Often, too, businessmen report to the Intendent confidentially that their affairs are in a bad way and request him to approach the Controller-General for a loan to tide them over this emergency.
Numit intendent al Gradinilor regelui (1739), constituie colectii si si coordoneaza laboratoarele de chimie si anatomie, alcatuind o opera impresionanta, Istoria naturala generala si particulara, in 36 de volume: Istoria patrupedelor (15 volume, 1749-1767), Istoria pasarilor (9 volume, 1770-1783), Istoria mineralelor (5 volume, 1783-1788) si un Supliment (7 volume, 1774-1783).
Head of South Wales Police public protection department, Detective Super- intendent David Bishop, said domestic abuse will not be tolerated and action will always be taken.
City Police Chief Super Intendent Willie Dangane said no one had claimed responsibility for the attack but confirmed that the suspected bomber was arrested as he tried to bring another explosive device into the church.
He was an enthusiastic naturalist and intendent for the botanical collections of the Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica, still Finland's oldest scientific society.
The violence startled the Intendent of Talca, as well as the National Director of Physical Education, Lieutenant Osvaldo Kolbach, "Los Domingos," Los Sports, 23 November 1928, 8; Intendencia Santiago, Archivo Nacional, Comunicaciones Recibidas, Nov.
Detective Super intendent Bob Wishart, of City of London Police, said: "The scale of today's operation shows City of London Police's commitment to investigate frauds and bring those behind them to justice.
Tom Stolarz, the state park's super intendent, said he would not comment until the diamonds are checked by an expert.
Super intendent Michael Hanshaw reluctantly discontinued the practice, reported the Associated Press.