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INTENDANT. One who has the charge, management, or direction of some office, department, or public business.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The organization structure of local police in the Valencian Community (Spain) is defined by a strong hierarchy reflected in its six levels or ranks, from the lowest to the highest: constable, officer, inspector, intendent, chief intendent and general intendent (In Spanish: agente, oficial, inspector, intendente, intendente principal and intendente general).
In the Columbus school district, Super intendent Liddell has just launched the 2020 Project to reach an 85 percent high school graduation rate by that year--an ambitious goal considering that only 70 percent of the district's students graduate now and the percentage has decreased from 80 percent more than a decade ago.
To be installed Chef de Gare: Maurice Barry, Correspondent: Glen Seymour, Commisair Intendent: Raymond Samko, Conducteur: Richard P.
Head of South Wales Police public protection department, Detective Super- intendent David Bishop, said domestic abuse will not be tolerated and action will always be taken.
City Police Chief Super Intendent Willie Dangane said no one had claimed responsibility for the attack but confirmed that the suspected bomber was arrested as he tried to bring another explosive device into the church.
Yap knew the product would appeal to the Ramapo super intendent, Robert MacNaughton, whom he describes as "a visionary who really understands technology" and who wishes to provide 21st-century learning, Yap says, "not as an initiative but as a culture." As an example of that commitment, the district is in its third year of incorporating the virtual world Second Life ( into its middle school curriculum, and, according to Yap, has been told that its online databases rival those of Ivy League universities.
Detective Super intendent Bob Wishart, of City of London Police, said: "The scale of today's operation shows City of London Police's commitment to investigate frauds and bring those behind them to justice.
again, talk to lead director, no idea what I'm talking about; -- call IDEM local office, am transferred to regional office, leave message for public relations people; -- am asked to work on Goshen beating story; -- call Goshen PIO, discuss YouTube video beating; -- try to find number for YouTube mom, search phone books, internet; -- do web update; -- call Goshen schools superintendent, leave message; -- go to video bootcamp lunch; -- research YouTube beating posted by teens, leave message for national anti-Internet abuse lady; -- reach other woman affiliated with anti-Internet abuse, talk to about story; -- call super Intendent again, leave second message; -- go to 2 p.m.
Aileen Pajunen, employee relations super intendent; Bernadine Colbourne, a level one production miner with 11 years experience working underground; Deborah Hanson, who has worked underground in the shaft and services area for 18 years; and, Allison Craig, a mining engineer currently working as an underground supervisor; all shared their work experiences, ambitions, frustrations, successes and long term goals with participants in the OMA "Demographics, Global Markets and Future Workforce" conference.
Tom Stolarz, the state park's super intendent, said he would not comment until the diamonds are checked by an expert.
Angel Ramos, for example, who is the super intendent of the Sequoia School for the Deaf, and who recently joined the National Advisory Group of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.
Pleitgen switched to management in 1993, shaking up the radio division, then was elected WDR's intendent (the Teutonic equivalent of director general), one of the most powerful jobs in German television, in 1995.