Inter alios

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INTER ALIOS. Between other parties, who are strangers to the proceeding in question.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Following the lead of, inter alios, Calabresi, he recognises that many accidents are the inevitable byproduct of socially valuable activity.
In Mena, Riconosciuto supervised the transshipment of high-tech equipment (inter alios to the contras), maintained the operation's computer network and developed accounting software to facilitate electronic transfers of funds for the money-laundering side of the operation.
Proceeding through the female line, with the Percy name adopted, the family continues to the present day, including, inter alios, Hugh, the second Duke of Northumberland, who fought in the American Revolutionary War.
On appeal from an adverse ruling by the Court of First Instance (CFI) in reviewing a Decision of the EC Commission, the main appellant is Showa Denko KK (SDK), established in Tokyo (Japan), other parties to the proceedings below were, inter alios, Graffech International Ltd., (formerly UCAR International Inc.), a Delaware corporation, and the Carbide/Graphite Group Inc., incorporated in Pennsylvania.
For the larger picture, Strauss depends on Herodotus, of course, but he does use Aeschylus and Plutarch, inter alios, when needed.
In the twentieth century, apart from Geiger's still dominant work, there have been grammars and introductory works by, inter alios, C.
A list of the figures who acted as mediators between the cultures and who can stand as examples of the sometimes difficult but always stimulating cross-fertilization between North and South must suffice here to illustrate the wide range of periods and genres covered in this book: inter alios Ludvig Holberg, Johann Elias, and Johann Heinrich Schlegel, Heinrich Wilhelm von Gerstenberg, Friedrich Ludwig Aemilius Kunzen (composer of Denmark's first 'national' opera, Holger Danske), Henrik (Heinrich) Steffens, Jens Baggesen, Adam Oelenschlager, Hans Christian Andersen, Herman Bang, Georg Brandes, August Strindberg, Evard Munch.

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