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Ukraine is currently implementing comprehensive reforms in multiple sectors that are relevant to the rights of persons belonging to national minorities and will have an impact on inter-ethnic relations.
The authorities should be given credit for undertaking certain policy measures aimed at reconciling communities and improving inter-ethnic relations," said Thors.
Inter-ethnic children are one of the fastest growing populations worldwide, and research has suggested they have higher risk of poor outcomes, including family breakdown, academic underachievement and psychology maladjustment.
Well planned: "We have strong indications that this event was not a spontaneous inter-ethnic clash - that it was to some degree orchestrated, targeted and well planned," Colville told a news briefing in Geneva.
We are for the people of Kenya and want their political leaders to get together and find a solution before the economy disintegrates in front of their eyes and before they lose control of the inter-ethnic violence.
Turkey) explore how six different countries define national citizenship and the effect this has upon inter-ethnic conflict within their countries.
Topics include inter-ethnic relationships, poverty, close-knit family ties, brothels, gambling halls, paper sons, school, dating, religion, and a Chinese American festival.
But we cannot have immigration without positive integration - otherwise European society will not survive the inter-cultural, inter-ethnic and inter-religious tensions.
The fast-changing demographics have at times resulted in inter-ethnic battles between blacks and Latinos over jobs, housing, schools and deadly clashes within the L.
In addition to paying close attention to inter-ethnic and interracial racial relations, Pritchett examines the dynamics of intra-ethnic and intra-racial relations.
Armed conflict and inter-ethnic strife in Burma - under military rule since 1962 - has resulted in 150,000 fleeing to the Burma-Thai border and a further 600,000 being displaced within the territory.
Beyond its traditional film style, however, Duddy Kravitz was one of the first Canadian features to portray a minority group, complete with inter-ethnic romance.

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