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To Noreen, (not her real name), location and family disapproval are contributors to the failure of inter-racial marriage.
The series may have sated Japanese people's curiosity about intercultural couples but in the process it separated inter-racial marriages from other marriages making them appear novel, different, and sometimes even strange.
Films had dealt before, and awkwardly, with inter-racial relationship.
Given the nature of the high-profile events that have taken place under his tenure - inter-racial tensions in the 2005 Lozells riots, gang violence with the deaths of Charlene Ellis and Letisha Shakespeare, and the constant threat of terrorism-related crimes - to increase the public feeling of safety is a fine achievement indeed.
House of Representatives struck a conciliatory tone with its apology for slavery and Bob Jones University apologized for its racist policies including its ban on inter-racial dating.
But this didn't permit inter-racial marriages under Virginia's Racial Integrity Act (1924).
He was priest-representative to the Worcester Association for Retarded Children, a member of the Worcester Inter-Racial Council, deputy chaplain for Youth Guidance and chaplain of the Phi Beta Omega inter-high school sorority.
Chapter Four studies how inter-racial "play"--literal playing and role playing--often illustrated children's desire to use and/or reject customary social roles.
The evocation of inter-racial desire probably seemed pretty liberated back then, but today one thinks instead of the seaminess of sex tourism.
Responses indicate that the primary reason men (whether Black or White) are only "one-time" or "occasional" participants is because they feel uncomfortable in an inter-racial or culturally diverse settings and that this "lack of comfort" is viewed as indicating their unwillingness to let go of negative racial attitudes of prejudice and perspectives of discrimination.
Racism, Misogyny, and the "Othello" Myth: Inter-racial Couples from Shakespeare to Spike Lee, by Celia R.
Revelations about the romance between Sigel and Ling had shocked the public because of its inter-racial nature; even more scandalous was that the relationship had been a voluntary one.

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