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Our integrated paradigm (Figure 1) captures these possibilities by including interagent interactions at several stages along the backbone of the toxicological paradigm, which models progression from an individual's exposure to clinical disease.
An extension of Prolog has been chosen as the Interagent Communication Language (ICL)to take advantage of unification and backtracking when processing queries.
"The system is without any particular observable organization or interagent loyalty, and simply functions as an ecology of activities benefiting from proximity ..." (Gordon and McCann, 2000, p.
Improvements over previous years were noted in the areas of preventing unauthorized access to information, securing interagent communications, preventing malicious code insertion, and preventing unauthorized operations.
Messaging products such as IBM MQSeries, Microsoft MSMQ, TIBCO Rendevous, Open Horizon Ambrosia, and Modulus InterAgent have been in existence for many years.
Their primary functionality is in sensing the environment, processing information about the environment based on reasoning and/or interagent communication, and then acting on the environment.
All agents are continuously active and any coordination or synchronization that is required is handled bottom-up through interagent interaction.
The second difficulty is that the store provides a new medium for interagent communication.
An extension to the consensus problem, called formation control, studies strategies to distribute agents in geometric patterns avoiding interagent collisions [3].
In the context of Dec-POMDPs, relevant research has mostly focused on the potential of communication mitigating the high computational complexity of the decision-making process by reducing the interagent uncertainty (for a recent example, see Wu, Zilberstein, and Chen [2011]).
This type of language can be used for both communication and negotiation purposes and provides the basis for developing a variety of interagent communications protocols that enable information agents to collectively cooperate in sharing information.
Ramya Pradhan of the University of Central Florida discussed the effects of interagent variation on developing robust and stable teams.

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