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coli was accompanied by an increase in monolayer permeability (seen as a decrease in the TEER), we suggest that the cytotoxic factor secreted by SEPEC 15 facilitates its passage through the endothelial barrier by a paracellular pathway following alterations in the functional intactness of the intercellular junctions.
Nonspecific staining was present in some control cases; these were associated with debris and exudate, or stained in a homogeneous, mostly cytoplasmic pattern (Figure 1, F through H), instead of the distinct, condensed, continuous immunoreactivity localized to the intercellular junctions of keratinocytes, as seen in pemphigus.
And no direct contacts between TCs and elastic membrane and no intercellular junctions between TCs and vascular SMCs (VSMCs) were observed [Figure 1].
Ultrastructural examination reveals epithelial cells joined by intercellular junctions, including desmosomes and junctional complexes, with lumen formation.
The cytoplasm of esophageal cells contains numerous mitochondria and a well-developed GA, and their intercellular junctions persist (Fig.
Moreover, the intercellular junctions of the mucosal epithelia provide a mechanical barrier to protein absorption.
Moreover, dividing cells are also connected to their neighbors with intercellular junctions and retain SLSs or short bundles of tonofilaments in their cytoplasm (Fig.
Ultrastructurally, medium-sized cells were identified in a cohesive pattern, but no well-defined intercellular junctions were seen (Figure 2, C).