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For example, in the best known IP investigation, Byrd (1988) states that the study was designed to answer the question: "Does intercessory prayer to the Judeo-Christian God have any effect on the patient's medical condition .
Intercessory prayer and cardiovascular disease progression in a coronary care unit population: A randomized controlled trial.
The Role of Petitionary and Intercessory Prayer in Theistic Traditions
7, 2000) comments, "No doubt privacy has sometimes been violated, however unintentionally: the well-meant blurting out of names and conditions during intercessory prayer, or some printed names and illnesses described in [parish] bulletins.
Malcolm Jacob took the intercessory prayers asking everyone to remember the people who had lost everything recently in the disasters while we are planning Christmas festivities and excesses.
The response stated in part that civilly-married lesbian or gay couples may, with the bishop's permission, celebrate a eucharist that includes intercessory prayers, but not an exchange of vows and a nuptial blessing.
He explained, however, that intercessory prayers would be offered during the Mass for church unity.
Some have mentioned me in the intercessory prayers during public worship.
Another response would be that a civilly-married gay or lesbian couple may celebrate a eucharist (with the bishop's permission) that includes appropriate intercessory prayers, but not a nuptial blessing.
Images of work done by Water Aid were projected on screen by Les Barber and intercessory prayers added by Rev David Hall.
Afterwards, I found out that both our Book of Alternative Services (BAS) and the World Day of Prayer end intercessory prayers through the use of (or similar) "Gathering our prayers into one let us pray the Lord's Prayer as our Saviour taught us.
But scientific evidence for the efficacy of intercessory prayer has been conspicuously lacking.