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As I read the stories of rejection, anxiety, and fear, I sensed a plea for understanding, empathy, and intercessory prayer.
She quickly and efficiently lays out monastic vision stories and broader practices such as intercessory prayer, prayer for the dead, sacramental baptism and penance, and funeral practices and epitaphs to establish two centuries of "incremental steps" linking purgation in the afterlife and prayer for the savable soul.
Since it was believed that the time in the flames of Purgatory could be shortened by the number of intercessory prayers, wealthy associations commissioned memorial masses and prayers for the dead from as many churches as possible.
To women, the Church attributed capacities to receive divine revelations and to effect miracles through their intercessory prayers.
In exchange for financial support, the laity could expect a variety of rewards: intercessory prayers, companionship in time of crisis, a home for widows, and the prestige of association with a holy enterprise.
This has practical and methodological consequences, for example, there are no explanations offered in IP studies for the choices of outcome measures, types of intercessors, wording of intercessory prayers, choices of patient conditions studied, etc.
21) The unsettling reality of poverty's extent (especially in Africa) should lead to intense supplicatory and intercessory prayers to God.
In 1998, Harvard Medical School turned to Silent Unity, the prayer ministry of Unity, as a source for its Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayers (STEP.
Western medieval missals separate the Preface from the Canon and develop the latter with intercessory prayers, with the effect of defining the sacrifice not from Christ's death sacramentally present but from the Church's and priest's offering of Christ's Body and Blood to the Father.
Their abolition of Purgatory and intercessory prayers for the dead theoretically placed an impermeable barrier between this world and the next.
LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER In the newest twist of American litigiousness, people have begun to sue churches for publicly disclosing illnesses during intercessory prayers.
A basic problem that studies of the efficacy of prayer present for theism is that they assume that God not only hears intercessory prayers, but that these prayers cause God to respond to them.