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Here is a rifle which offers a straight push-pull operation, an annular locking lug that surrounds the bolt head and engages 360 degrees with the barrel, and total interchangeability among the 15 chamberings offered.
An interchangeability designation obliges pharmacists to dispense generic drugs unless the prescribing physician specifies otherwise.
The technical issues defining analysis of interchangeability are thus based on the fact that the appliances in the field have seen years of relatively constant gas composition; they have been approved, installed and maintained within the historical limits.
To maintain interchangeability of parts the new close-coupled design is based upon using the same wet end components as used on existing pumps, together with the sturdy cast iron bracket from their magnetically coupled units which rigidly supports both the pump and motor.
Instead of a humanist account of individualism, his doubles and resemblances suggest an equivalence (if not flat-out interchangeability) between human subjects.
Still, the interchangeability idea must be catching on because the American Iron and Steel Institute sponsored a design competition at the College For Creative Studies [CCS; Detroit) that had body panel interchangeability as its theme.
On a normal day Lloyd Maunder reckon to despatch up to 400 different product lines and thus the flexibility and interchangeability of the PA182's tools helps them to meet the variety of packs involved.
Tenders are invited for 3/4 Cut Out Cock With Vent Olp Ball Type Cast Iron Body To Is 210, Grade 20 To Rdso Drawing No.- Skdp 2877,Alt.-2 With Length Of Handle 6 And Ensure Interchangeability Of Handle With Any Of The Cock For Wam4 And Wag5 Locos.
Pharmacists, the three groups contend, should be able to automatically substitute biosimilar products for their biologic reference products, assuming the FDA deems interchangeability between products.
It has been a good many years since the Peerless was last made and there is little to no relationship between it, the 3200, 396 and 320 over/under guns so far as interchangeability or servicing is concerned.
* Dimensional interchangeability with a linear bushing, as the outer tube has the same outer diameter as a linear bushing.
The action provides "clarity for developers who want to demonstrate that their proposed biological product meets the statutory interchangeability standard under the Public Health Service Act," Norman E.

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