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Having a partner was an advantage for people with renal disease and undergoing hemodialysis, because these individuals need help performing activities of daily life and need assistance in the event of complications and intercurrences.
Newfound Associations may help improve interventional actions and control strategies that aim to prevent malnutrition-related intercurrences.
Among these factors are race, age, nutritional status, weight gain during pregnancy, socio-economical level, professional activity, smoking, drug use, follow up prenatal appointments, clinical intercurrences, fetal conditions, and twin or multiple gestations (Marcondes, 1994) besides many other obstetric factors (Freitas, Martins-Costa, Ramos, & Magalhaes, 2001).
male, 43 year-old, was operated on January 2007 of a right-side parietal lobe expansive lesion (histopathological analysis revealed a Glioblastoma Multiform) with immediate post-operative period without intercurrences.

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