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Running low on magic supplies, Gargamel is desperate to get his hands on the formula that turned Smurfette blue, so he opens another interdimensional portal and sends Vexy to Smurf Village, where she kidnaps Smurfette and brings her to the City of Lights, where Gargamel is preparing to open an engagement .
Nesse sentido, ao serem caracterizadas sete dimensoes que compoem a imagem de preco e suas inter-relacoes, quer-se apresentar que a imagem de preco e um construto multi e interdimensional, ou seja, alem de ser composta de varias dimensoes (multi), essas dimensoes relacionam-se entre si (inter).
An appreciation for the interdimensional relationship between separation of powers and federalism offers possibilities for safeguarding both.
Eccentric scientist Rick Marshall goes into a downward spiral after his theories about interdimensional travel are ridiculed by his fellow boffins.
In a catalogue for the 1997 exhibition of drawings by Gerard Caris in the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum Uli Bohnen made the following remarks: "It was said before that the extension of mathematics and geometry to the arithmetical and graphic manipulation of interdimensional and supra-dimensional functions has advanced at a forceful pace since the 17th century, but that the artists of the same period, with very few exceptions, have nevertheless remained caught in their conventional conception of plane and space.
Interdimensional interference in the stroop effect: Uncovering the cognitive and neural anatomy of attention.
Segundo sua representante, durante 19 anos a entidade construiu uma imagem de credibilidade e competencia decorrente da realizacao de sua missao; em sua visao de futuro, a entidade deseja "ser um referencial em educacao interdimensional para o desenvolvimento humano nas linguagens da arte".
This is all heady stuff to incorporate into a fantasy series featuring talking bears, daemons, witches, interdimensional travel, and visits to hell, but the framework allows Pullman to play with the ideas, develop them, and chew them in a way he could not in a philosophical or theological text.
The link is extremely tenuous, apparently made out by the fact that, a few months prior to killing himself, Brett wrote the following in his diary: "Salvia allows us to give up our senses and wander in the interdimensional time and space.
Nevertheless, probably about half of the manwha dealing with Christianity is still much in the vein of pluralism; for example, Sang Sun Park's Ark Angels tells the story of three sisters, Hamu, Shem and Japheth (based on the three sons of Noah), who, in Buddhist fashion, think animals are equal to humans and so attempt to preserve endangered species from being wiped out by putting them on an interdimensional Ark.
Rather, it tends to punish both those characters who reject or ignore the material dimension of reality and those who try to live entirely within it, favoring instead an interdimensional understanding of matter and spirit which may be equated with incarnation.
Dogon" is the story of Professor Russel Ross as he combats an interdimensional world-domination plot from a supernatural being.

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