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There are explosions, some interdimensional travel going on, then you have a cup of tea and lunch and talk about normal things like electricity bills before you go back through the portal into another time and everything goes crazy again.
The two title characters were mysterious interdimensional operatives who went around sniffing out blips in space and time to head-scratchingly abstract effect - borderline avant garde considering this was tea-time ITV - most of which almost always, due to budgetary constraints, took place in some deserted block of flats or motorway service station.
The link is extremely tenuous, apparently made out by the fact that, a few months prior to killing himself, Brett wrote the following in his diary: "Salvia allows us to give up our senses and wander in the interdimensional time and space.
Rather, it tends to punish both those characters who reject or ignore the material dimension of reality and those who try to live entirely within it, favoring instead an interdimensional understanding of matter and spirit which may be equated with incarnation.
Dogon" is the story of Professor Russel Ross as he combats an interdimensional world-domination plot from a supernatural being.
Interdimensional correlations in individual and dyadic performance ratings, Journal of Organizational Behavior, 19(6), 577-587.
Fenario Gallery - Reception for "The Interdimensional Art Show," works by Robert Venosa, Alex Grey, A.
Apparently Ta Da the Shit Lady, who used to perform nude with the 'Surfers, has put together a cover band to do all the old Butthole Surfers' tunes, a mind boggling concept of interdimensional proportions.
For example, intradimensional comparison may simplify the evaluation and may be more natural than interdimensional ones and so on.

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