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Five types of mentoring build knowledge on interdisciplinary teams.
The interdisciplinary team wanted to implement some interventions that would channel the wandering energy in a positive way.
Meanwhile, the psychiatrist inserviced the interdisciplinary team on psychiatric drug signs and symptoms and on treating the elderly depressed resident.
The rehabilitation team: Staff perceptions of the hospital environment, the interdisciplinary team environment, and interpersonal relations.
ZynxCare addresses key performance measures, regulatory initiatives, accreditation requirements, and patient problems that nurses and interdisciplinary teams encounter most frequently.
As teachers answer these questions they will become involved in action research - a process that engages them in gathering information, reflecting on that information and making appropriate adjustments in their interdisciplinary team processes and procedures.
The entire interdisciplinary team played pivotal roles in integrating the document into the care of the spinal cord injury patients through demonstration of the use of the tool as they delivered care and through feedback to their peers.
During the last four years, the interdisciplinary team has made several important advancements, including producing a genetically engineered vaccine that successfully protects laboratory mice against experimentally induced Lyme disease.
In a group of 168 PMS-afflicted women, placebo vaginal suppositories relieved PMS symptoms at least as well as suppositories containing progesterone, reports an interdisciplinary team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University in Philadelphia.
Hospice care delivered by Hospice Compassus is managed by an interdisciplinary team of professionals who routinely review the plan of care patients receive.
An interdisciplinary team of scientists has compiled the first-ever comprehensive database of more than 37,000 stream and restoration projects nationwide.
In other words, if we take a truly interdisciplinary team approach to assessment and care, there is no "number one"--not the doctor, not the nurse.

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