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There is no permanent, fixed reality or self that one could define oneself in relation to, which corroborates the sunyata connotations of universal oneness and the ensuing interfusion of all phenomena.
Similar to the case of coauthorship, where no real cross-cultural collaboration could be seen, cultural interfusion is also lacking when we consider the absence of authors from different parts of the world.
Analogously, Gloria Naylor's narrative in 1996 is an interfusion of her memories, imagination and factual research.
He discusses theography: a program for an architectonically delimited theological writing; looking for coherence in Calvin's soteriology; the inseparably different architectionics of Hegel and Derrida; salvation determined solely by justification: "God's mercy alone and Christ's merit;" transitions from justification to sanctification: identity, essential differance, and absolute relation; and the interfusion of sanctification and justification.
The author's interfusion of past and present may climax with her detailing the certainty of unrecorded "shock" exhibited by a Works Progress Administration (WPA) interviewer presumably stunned by the bitterness sustained by an ex-slave (99).
There will be a welcome address by, Neophytos Akourshiotis, the mayor of Peyia and guest speakers include: Professor Joan Breton Connelly, New York University (Yeronisos Island Expedition) Dr Peter Sonntagbauer, Cellent AG (FUPOL Coordinator) Roman Buil Gine, Universitat AutEnoma de Barcelona (Simulation Expert) and Haris Neophytou, InterFusion Services (Sustainable Tourism Expert)
The great modern instance of this dynamic is the interfusion of mountain, sky, and sea in the highly abstract later paintings of Zhang Daqian and Lu Yanshao [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (1909-93).
The analytical character of UN documents, noted in the context of various interfusion of self-interest, social activity, political challenge, security demands has not particularly concerned policy analysts who denote merely a recognizable set of insights which enable states, regions and communities to be tagged and their position reflected in accordance with "the obligation of all parties involved in an armed conflict to comply with international humanitarian law, in particular their obligations under the Geneva Conventions of 1949".
Let us conceive the UK as an exemplar of plural individuality: a communal interfusion of unity and difference, with a constitutionally in-built recognition that each of us belongs to more than one society at once - that in ourselves, we are both one and many, a union of special cases.
(2) The concentrations of [K.sup.+] and S[O.sub.4.sup.2-] of the samples of the springs nos.16-17 and 19 in the intersection of LMSF, XSHF, and ANHF varied evidently, with the amplitude ranging from 19.3% to 59.6% before and after the Wenchuan earthquake which may be attributed to the interfusion of the deep fluids with high [K.sup.+] and S[O.sub.4.sup.2-] induced by the increased tectonic stress.
Chaurette's play demonstrates not only a drive toward death but a paradoxical interfusion of thanatos (life-denial) and eros (life-assertion).
Of course, John's "dreaming back" is conducted by a living man in a psychotherapist's office, rather than by a soul in an in-between realm, but with the previous analysis in mind, it would be facile to simply contrast McPherson's psychotherapy sessions with Yeats's interfusion of the spectral and material.