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said my aunt, with a perfect shake on the contemptuous interjection.
But this interjection appeared to him so absurd that he was at a loss how to deal with it.
Powderell, a retired iron-monger of some standing--his interjection being something between a laugh and a Parliamentary disapproval; "we must let you have your say.
With this interjection, the knife descended on the puff, and it was in two, but the result was not satisfactory to Tom, for he still eyed the halves doubtfully.
At the sight of this phenomenon, the fat boy uttered an interjection, the ladies a scream, and the gentleman an oath, almost simultaneously.
Newman uttered an imprecation which, though brief--it consisted simply of the interjection "Oh
Inspector Gregory was full of his case, and poured out a stream of remarks, while Holmes threw in an occasional question or interjection.
With bustling energy, this orthographic adventure celebrates the basic components of any elementary school language arts curriculum--verbs, conjunctions, interjections, contractions, homophones, antonyms and more--making it a great choice for classrooms.
I don't know if the legal term for his interjections is "courtus interruptus" but I really hope it is.
The debate was heavily dominated by concern for the "unfinished business" of the two-state solution and punctuated by repeated criticism of Israel's settlement policies, but nevertheless included numerous supportive interjections by MPs friendly to Israel.
Summary: Letting your conversation companion know you're following what he or she is saying by uttering a few interjections at frequent intervals is important
The book is plagued by off-topic interjections, such as a section shaming a Cambodian aid org head who helps trans sex workers for not using their preferred pronouns.