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Small instruments were a joy - not a seed misplaced in Currie's sensitive maraca interjections.
Oramo's CBSO responded warmly to its blend of Rimsky-Korsakovian exoticism, impressionistic mystery and fluttering bird-evocations (a baptism of fire for new lead flautist Marie-Christine Zupancic), the CBS Chorus added colourful interjections, and a fine cast of soloists cast a cosy spell.
Take for example the opening, which contrasts different layers of string writing (a quietly insistent ground bass and firefly-dancing violins) with chanting women and loud interjections of "Rex Israel' from the tenors and basses - clear cut but so effective; or the second movement's repeated fortissimo cries of "Woman, Behold thy Son
The horns, those archetypical instruments of German romanticism, thrilled with whooping interjections and noble chording, buttressed by uncompromising trombones in the Bruckner-anticipating "cathedral" movement.
The use by Sibelius of the oboe, for example, with sometimes discrete and at others times wild interjections was exactly observed.
Dimbleby's interjections were, uncharacteristically, rareand controlled.
Interjections by exotic percussion added surprisingly little colour, but choral exhalations and excellent singing from members of Trinity College of Music Chamber Choir, both accompanied by a fine, off-stage string quartet, provided some of the more beautiful name-settings.
With its interweaving of major and minor artists (see interjections on painters such as Giovanni Larciani, Bugiardini, Bachiacca, Foschi, etc.
First, his prose is terse (short verbless sentences, interjections, etc.
Directed by Kate Handley and hosted by Erin Richards, the whole evening was full to the brim with glamour and style, and with interjections of break dancing and live music, it really was the biggest and best show yet.
The strings were always disciplined and the often impish interjections of the woodwind were always executed with absolute precision.
They specifically focussed on how the politicians' speech was constructed: the number of syllables spoken, the use of interjections, interruptions, self-referent 'I', non-standard English such as 'gonna', y ' know, and laughter.