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Companies like Genesis that can support high quality upconverted video output from interlaced video inputs will also benefit from the growth in the DVD player market," added Jay Srivatsa, principal analyst for iSupply-Stanford Resources.
In real-time playback trials, the interlaced video looked almost identical to the progressive source video.
However the majority of the broadcast is interlaced video, so the incoming interlaced signal must be processed by the TV (de-interlacing) prior to display.
Deinterlacing an interlaced video to the progressive one to avoid mosaic.
3 megapixel sensor uses progressive scan, which reduces motion blur in comparison with a traditional PAL/NTSC camera providing interlaced video.
Customize video: merge multiple videos into one, trim video segments, crop video aspect ratio, crop area size, adjust video brightness/contrast/artistic effect, add text/image watermark, set interlaced video to non-interlaced video.
Kyrion is the only solution offering the complete set of MPEG-4/AVC tools, including full support for interlaced video (MBAFF) - a very difficult-to-encode option that allows for extremely high-quality video.
The megapixel sensor uses progressive scan to drastically reduce blur on moving objects, compared to traditional NTSC cameras with interlaced video.
264 implementation introduces features that improve the encoding quality: the deblocking filter reduces the blocks on the picture (Baseline feature), the field mode encoding (Main Profile feature) improves interlaced video processing and CABAC (Baseline feature), which is an entropy encoding mode, allows an even more efficient compression.
Today, Polycom VSX systems can deliver television-like quality at rates of 30 frames-per-second and 60 fields of interlaced video, known as Polycom ProMotion(TM) video.
Picture Perfect Technology (PPT) eliminates jagged edges (staircasing effect) that appear when interlaced video signals are displayed on an LCD.