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"Companies like Genesis that can support high quality upconverted video output from interlaced video inputs will also benefit from the growth in the DVD player market," added Jay Srivatsa, principal analyst for iSupply-Stanford Resources.
Each video frame consisted of two interlaced video fields (i.e., 2:1 interlace), each composed of the set of odd or even scan lines.
Interlaced video alternates picture fields of odd and even scanlines in a repeating pattern over time.
Streaming, like most modern video viewing, is done with progressive video, rather than interlaced video. Unfortunately, many video cameras and video switchers do not have a common progressive frame rate available from the video camera's live video output.
The app provides a lot of options for users to trim, crop, merge, add watermarks, or deinterlace an interlaced video to the progressive one to avoid mosaic.
And NDS's Picture-Perfect Technology[TM] (PPT) eliminates the jagged edges that appear when interlaced video signals are displayed, this results in high image clarity and allows the precise positioning of instrumentation.
When playing back or exporting interlaced video it's important to get the field order right (e.g.
First off, computers are digital while TV and videodiscs are analog, Second, an (NTSC) television displays interlaced video (two passesto fill in all the lines) while computer monitors display noninterlaced video (one pass).
* De-Interlace: Converts interlaced video to progressive video