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INTERLOPERS. Persons who interrupt the trade of a company of merchants, by pursuing the same business with them in the same place, without lawful authority.

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When the researchers caged farms to keep out both the farmer and interlopers, algae of other species quickly overwhelmed the brown carpet.
forces in Iraq have continued mainly because the Americans are looked upon as interlopers by the people placing their bombs along roadsides.
Who are these non-Welsh interlopers to impose their wishes on us?
An excellent series of articles, which was published recently in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Egan 2004a, 2004b, 2004c), details Lake Michigan's evolution over the last 50 years as these interlopers have arrived and taken up residence.
Although Jews considered Israel their ancestral home dating back to biblical times, Arabs had constituted the majority of the population in the area for centuries and considered the Jews interlopers.
The absence of labels for Horn's series signaled the uncertainty of authorship yet marked the photographs as interlopers.
The Vila Nova is dominated by the port lodges or armazens, where port is blended and aged, and the long, low slung volumes of the red-roofed lodges form a picturesque backdrop to the sleek new interlopers.
Buchanan, editor of The American Conservative, which is dedicated in part to decrying neoconservative influence, have long despised them as dangerous interlopers.
Hinsch goes on to document a universal homosexuality which crossed all class and gender lines, and which waned only in recent times, as the Chinese were exposed to the opprobrium of the European interlopers.