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X-ray diffraction (XRD) technique was used for analyzing formed intermetallic compounds. Corrosion properties were studied in 5% NaCl solution by using the continued immersion lest and electrochemical polarization testing.
They note that the layeredcrystal structure of the intermetallic compounds "is reminiscent of those of the copper oxide superconductors" Yet whether they operate by the same electrical mechanism, the physicists say, "remains to be seen."
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Bismuth can substitute Sn in intermetallic compounds, [Cu.sub.3](Sn,Bi) compounds form at [Cu.sub.3]Sn grain boundaries where they inhibit Sn diffusion.
In the case of the present work, when the reducing agent was added into the precursor solution, the nucleation and growth process of intermetallic compound nanoparticles could be described by the Finke mechanism.
It was found that the use of pure Al as a filler metal to braze Ti/Ti in 700[degrees]C leaded to self-separation of the joint after holding time of 30 min, and the thickness of the formed intermetallic compound layer (Ti[Al.sub.3]) was the greatest, which acts as an initiation site for cracks.
Common wisdom suggests that they are a form of stress-relief, compensating for the compressive stresses induced by electroplating, mechanical torqueing or bending, intermetallic compound growth or thermal expansion mismatches.
Another set of materials were used to characterize IMC (intermetallic compound) growth rate, diffusion kinetics, and its apparent activation energies ([E.sub.aa]).
Apparently, the Ca and Sb form an insoluble intermetallic compound that separates out.
The Cu-rich phase was also present in decreasing amounts with increasing Sb, but, with 5Sb, there was no Cu-rich phase, and a Cu3Sb intermetallic compound was present in the interface and as precipitates in the solder.
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