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Propensity matched analysis of bilateral internal mammary artery versus single left internal mammary artery grafting at 17-year follow-up: validation of a contemporary surgical experience.
The other coronary artery bypass grafts (left internal mammary artery bypass to the LAD and saphenous bypass graft to the ramus diagonalis) were open.
A 5Fr Berenstein catheter was then used to perform a left subclavian arteriogram and an internal mammary artery catheter was used to perform a selective arteriogram of the left IMA.
Of note in the second case, due to better access and harvesting of the left internal mammary artery and to avoid postoperative tamponade, the left pleura had been opened, while in the first case both the right and left pleura had been opened intraoperatively.
Sources include bleeding from unsecured side branches of the internal mammary artery, the internal mammary bed, the internal periosteum of the sternum, the arteries around the xiphisternum, the leg after vein harvesting and cannulation sites.
The STS based its decision on an analysis of national data including the avoidance of morbidity and mortality in open heart surgery, use of medications and use of internal mammary artery (IMA) grafts-a conduit for open heart surgery-that have been shown to improve patient care.
the internal mammary artery, and then left it in place along the chest
Twenty-one patients had a single left internal mammary artery graft to the left anterior descending artery through a left anterior small thoracotomy (MIDCAB).
Increased use of internal mammary artery (IMA) for coronary artery bypass surgeries.
Left internal mammary artery originating from the third intercostal artery.
The MIRA-i CS Retractor offers both titanium internal mammary artery (IMA) blades, which attach to any table-based retractor system providing lift for easy access to this artery, as well as aluminum thoracotomy blades-all of which are radiolucent, making them compatible with diagnostic imaging during hybrid PCI-CABG procedures.

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