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Indeed, Rhys generates the same effect when, in After Leaving Mr Mackenzie, she uses the experimental technique of internal monologue to convey Julia's thoughts as she walks 'through the fog into Tottenham Court Road': 'During the war.
Amidst our own internal monologue ought to be action--conversation and deeds that eliminate stasis and engender authentic transformation.
I believe that this reaction can be attributed to the client's own internal monologue, often referred to as "self-talk.
He was so in touch with his feelings that his conversation was just an internal monologue conducted aloud.
The internal monologue in book four (lines 31-113) reinterprets Satan's boasts in books one and two, and here he is revealed as a creature miserably trapped by his own psychology:
Austin meticulously updates his journal, and his deadpan internal monologue and catchphrases make him a cerebral and witty narrator.
It's the stuff of childhood nightmares, the internal monologue that tells you to keep a night light on, to stay awake beneath the covers.
I shan't delve further into my internal monologue for the helicopter sequence, where Liz II supposedly jumped from the chopper and parachuted into the Olympics opening ceremony.
If on was competitive sport I kid you not, it's as if some otherworldly force has taken over her larynx and forced her to voice her internal monologue.
Dan's zippy internal monologue becomes an irritation, but overall, it's an enjoyable read.
Through Miranda's internal monologue we follow her consideration of issues such as class and race and acceptance.

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