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noun abbreviation, badge, clue, connotation, cue, delineation, depiction, emblem, enactment, ensign, exponent, gesture, image, index, indication, manifestation, mark, model, notation, note, picture, portrayal, seal, sign, signal, signification, symbolum, symptom, token, trademark, visible sign
Associated concepts: trademark
See also: device, earmark, example, indicant, indication, indicator, manifestation, representative, substitute, suggestion, token, trademark

SYMBOL. A sign; a token; a representation of one thing by another.
     2. A symbolical delivery is equivalent, in many cases, in its legal effects, to actual delivery; as, for example, the delivery of the keys of a warehouse in which goods are deposited, is a delivery sufficient to transfer the property. 1 Atk. 171; 5 John. 335; 2 T. R. 462; 7 T. R. 71; 2 Campb. 243; 1 East, R. 194; 3 Caines, 182; 1 Esp. 598; 3 B. & C. 423.

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An international symbol could increase public awareness of breastfeeding and provide an alternative image to the image of a baby bottle currently used to designate baby friendly areas in public.
The CD was developed to enable manufacturers to easily include appropriate international symbols on their products, product packaging, and product support materials.
International symbols for "wait" and "proceed" facilitate throughput, and multiple targets are pinpointed on the left, center, or right side of the body within 33 areas.

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