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International trade will move to record levels, with container volume at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles up by 10.
Immobilia Berlin International Trade Fair and Congress
Francine Lamoriello, director of Peat's international trade and investment services in Washington, D.
Nicely served for several years as co-chair of the ABA International Law Section's International Trade Committee, and currently sits on the Court of International Trade's Advisory Committee on Rules.
Kyser's broader forecast calls for yet another record level of international trade and tourism.
Everett Eissenstat, Chief International Trade Counsel, Senator Grassley/Finance-Republicans
The "Support Trade" program sponsored by Farmland Industries and the communications team led by Sherlyn Manson and David Eaheart addressed a vitally important issue through a program which informed and enlightened farmers on the importance of international trade to agriculture at the grass roots level.
While larger corporations are leading the pack when it comes to international trade, many home-based businesses are catching up and cashing in on the $1.
The International Trade Center and MCO are currently in the process of filing for approval of this use with the Mt.
WASHINGTON -- Matthew Nicely, a partner in the International Trade & Customs practice group at the law firm Thompson Hine, has been appointed to a five-year term on the United States Court of International Trade Advisory Committee on Rules.
Southern California's international trade sector, a powerful economic engine, should produce another record year in 2006 but it will likely be a rough ride, according to a report released today.

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