Civil War

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Civil War

Civil war exists when two or more opposing parties within a country resort to arms to settle a conflict or when a substantial portion of the population takes up arms against the legitimate government of a country. Within International Law distinctions are drawn between minor conflicts like riots, where order is restored promptly, and full-scale insurrections finding opposing parties in political as well as military control over different areas. When an internal conflict reaches sufficient proportions that the interests of other countries are affected, outside states may recognize a state of insurgency. A recognition of insurgency, whether formal or de facto, indicates that the recognizing state regards the insurgents as proper contestants for legitimate power. Although the precise status of insurgents under international law is not well-defined, recognized insurgents traditionally gain the protection afforded soldiers under international rules of law pertaining to war. A state may also decide to recognize the contending group as a belligerent, a status that invokes more well-defined rights and responsibilities. Once recognized as a belligerent party, that party obtains the rights of a belligerent party in a public war, or war between opposing states. The belligerents stand on a par with the parent state in the conduct and settlement of the conflict. In addition, states recognizing the insurgents as belligerents must assume the duties of neutrality toward the conflict.


U.S. Civil War; War.

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We find the internecine war over what is and isn't "jazz" and who should define it.
Egypt, suffering the political, economic and social effects of its own fundamentalist backlash, must deplore the internecine war so close to home.
A Palestinian child born in the year 2000, for example, has lived through the Second Intifada, the internecine war in 2006, and the Israeli bombardments of Gaza in 2008/9, 2012 and 2014, as well as almost daily incursions, bombings and deliberate low flying by Israeli jets and helicopters intended to strike fear into the civilian population.
This internecine war is unlikely to end any time soon.
Abu Khaled, a native of Aleppo who had spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan, was sent to Syria to try to end the internecine war, rebels say.
The first sign of an internecine war on the budget emerged at a recent gathering of the House Republican Conference.
If the renegades are not taken out of circulation immediately, the result will be another bloody bout of internecine war.
The ROI members noted, "As longtime trade unionists, we have closely followed the internecine war which has broken out between the UNITE HERE factions.
In truth, the "frenzy" of the moment is less over Iraq alone than the internecine war in the Republican Party, which is reigniting old issues about U.
Omar's leadership and the purist Taliban movement that grew up under that leadership were born together amid frustration and despair after years of internecine war among the factions of the mujahideen that had effectively defeated the Soviet Union and then turned on one another in 1992.
A recent intensification in the conflict has pulled nearly every aspect of Syrian society into the internecine war, from rich Damascus elite to poorer Palestinian refugees.