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internet service provider (ISP)

a person who provides the large computing systems and data storage required for other users to connect to the network of computers connected by a common protocol. In the law of the European Union an ISP provides information society services. To facilitate the function of those like ISPS special defences have been given to them to protect them from the claims for damages or prosecutions which could otherwise paralyse their business or divert others from entering. See e.g. CACHING, CONDUIT or HOSTING.
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According to US Attorney Donald Stern, "In this case, an Internet service provider intercepted mail passing through its network to gain a business advantage.
The Global Internet Service Providers (ISP) Market survey analysis offers energetic visions to conclude and study market size, market hopes, and competitive surroundings.
It said the CFC detected 50 attacks between the period of February and March 2019 and the Cybercrime Unit after analyses on the attacks, observed that five internet service providers were victims of the attacks.
Telecommunications and ICT Minister Mustafa Jabbar earlier had said the internet service providers, including mobile operators, must adhere to the new tax structure and reduce internet tariffs.
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Internet service providers would be allowed to use the data for purposes such as billing and, unless a customer opts out, marketing other services to its customers, such as service upgrades.
Hisham El-Alaily, head of the NTRA, said that the authority requested from Internet service providers to provide documents proving the damage they incurred due to the copper cable replacement process, in order to look into the means for compensation.
Internet service providers in Bahrain are violating net neutrality laws by the concept known as zero-rating.
-- Supermarket chains and other retailers rate high in terms of the experience they offer customers, a study has found, while health plans and Internet service providers do not.

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