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By this time, another user, Marco Rogers, jumped into the conversation, and said the internet troll and the merchant services company were doing almost the same thing, but only the latter was making money off it.
htm) personal apology from the social networking site's UK boss over attacks on women by internet trolls.
A BRITISH internet troll has admitted threatening to kill 200 US citizens in Facebook posts which led thousands of children to stay off school.
AN internet troll threatened to shoot the BBC producer at the centre of Jeremy Clarkson's suspension from Top Gear.
A WOMAN who killed herself after being unmasked as a Madeleine McCann internet troll had sent 4220 tweets about the girl's parents in the past year.
London, December 13 ( ANI ): An internet troll has claimed that he has seen footy ace David Beckham nude after two international matches.
Internet troll Reece Elliott sparked a huge security scare in Tennessee, causing thousands of students to miss school after he left messages on a tribute site for a 17-year-old girl who died in a car crash.
AN INTERNET troll who mocked the search for murdered April Jones has been branded "absolutely appalling" by a judge.
A VILE internet troll has apologised to Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell after the star confronted him over hate messages.
AN INTERNET troll who went on the run after mocking the search for murdered April Jones has appeared in court.

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