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But just as fans were rushing to grab their denim jackets, the girls released a statement saying they had been the victim of an internet hoax.
First, exploring Internet hoax sites to trace the letter led to the next step of sorting the scientific implications.
I know how Van feels, I've been the victim of the odd internet hoax myself.
Former pupils are suspected of being behind the internet hoax where photos of teachers have been superimposed on to cheeky images.
A FATHER stabbed his 12-year-old daughter to death after being pushed over the edge by an internet hoax, a jury heard yesterday.
But you can relax, Rick - 602-P is an 18-month-old internet hoax and never existed.
Was it a daring rescue by a brave boy or an Internet hoax perpetuated to gain global sympathy for the Islamic State extremists?
This is the second time that Culkin has been declared dead via an Internet hoax.
Debunking the rumour and confirming that it is just another internet hoax, the Web site notes that the thumbnail image on the death hoax post is actually a snapshot from Miley Cyrus' latest video "Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain," also featuring Flaming Lips.
During the past weekend, an Internet hoax caused Doritos fans to freak out.
The latest Internet hoax has got some Apple users believing that microwaving is a part of iOS 8's exclusive "Wave-charge.
One such Internet hoax is the alleged mandatory implant of chips in newborn babies in the US as part of the Medicare reform under the Obama administration.

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