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This is the second time that Culkin has been declared dead via an Internet hoax.
That's right, it turns out Van the man is not Van the dad after all and was the victim of an internet hoax.
Fans cruelly had their hopes raised in the last 24 hours after an internet hoax got out of TURN TO PAGE 63
FaceTime researchers uncover dangerous worm hosted on a Russian Web site using documented Internet hoax 'a virtual card for you' for camouflage and pipeline to steal data.
The latest con comes in the wake of a cruel internet hoax against fellow Holyrood boss Malcolm Chisholm.
The official release of next season's fixture list is not until next Thursday, and fans are now anxiously waiting for confirmation as to whether this leak is merely an internet hoax.
And it comes with its own Internet hoax hook for extra juice.
Debunking the rumour and confirming that it is just another internet hoax, the Web site notes that the thumbnail image on the death hoax post is actually a snapshot from Miley Cyrus' latest video "Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain," also featuring Flaming Lips.
It later emerged that the report was nothing more than a bizarre internet hoax, spread via Twitter users, which rehashed an earlier rumour he had died in New Zealand.
HANNAH Montana star Miley Cyrus was at the centre of a sick internet hoax when hackers posted a video claiming she had died.
7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - A published claim, alleging that the Toronto Stock Exchange is reviewing the listing status of Ivanhoe Energy's common shares, is an Internet hoax.
A FATHER stabbed his 12-year-old daughter to death after being pushed over the edge by an internet hoax, a jury heard yesterday.

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