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From the industrial cluster formation of the necessary conditions two "The product has transportability", the Internet of things products can be divided into two categories, one is a variety of hardware and equipment facilities, and the other is related to application software and system solutions, The former due to solid, shock, moisture and other characteristics of obvious, no special logistics and distribution taboos, with transportability, the latter most of the digital software or service products, there is no transport problems.
The development of the internet of things would provide fertile ground for UAE's young people to unleash their creative ideas, Bin Byat forecast, adding that the Dubai government is committed to opening the development of the internet of things to everyone.
The Internet of Things is as much about networking machines and human-machine interfaces as it is developing new platforms or systems, said retired Marine Gen.
If consumer and industry trust in the Internet of Things is diminished, there will be a great loss to business and society.
The Internet of Things could be used to more quickly aggregate and analyze information about an event.
These are real problems that can be addressed, can be reduced, and can be fixed, dare I say it, by smart cities driven by the Internet of Things," Dalghan mentioned.
Embedded systems will also be at the cornerstone for IoT deployment, especially within Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.
The Internet of Things has been linked to specific industries, primarily discrete and process manufacturing, where actual products are made.
The Internet of Things is one of the enablers for Dubai Smart Government as technology is the vehicle to reach and please our consumers -- the population of Dubai," he said.
This tremendous opportunity for economic growth and innovation depends, however, on consumers trusting that the privacy of their personal data will be protected and that their sensitive information will remain secure when using the Internet of Things.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-April 22, 2015-Sierra Wireless and L&T Technology Services partner to support the development of new Internet of Things applications
By 2025, best-in-class organizations that extensively use Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in their products and operations to capture, transmit and analyze data in near real time will be up to 10 percent more profitable.

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