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internet service provider (ISP)

a person who provides the large computing systems and data storage required for other users to connect to the network of computers connected by a common protocol. In the law of the European Union an ISP provides information society services. To facilitate the function of those like ISPS special defences have been given to them to protect them from the claims for damages or prosecutions which could otherwise paralyse their business or divert others from entering. See e.g. CACHING, CONDUIT or HOSTING.
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A spokesman said: "We have explored the options of being able to put a broadband cable in and have talked to internet providers but, at the moment, they have not wanted to get involved.
The case started in 2004 when SABAM - the Belgian society in charge of authorising the use by third parties of musical works by authors, composers and editors - discovered that customers were using the services of its internet provider, Scarlet Extended SA, to illegally download works that had been taken from its repertoire via peer-to-peer networks.
KT, LG Telecom and SK Broadband, the fixed-line unit of SK Telecom, are the country's leading broadband internet providers, while cable television operators C&M and CJ HelloVision also have high-speed internet market share.
An Australian internet provider has been deemed not responsible for copyright violations by its users, who download films illegally.
It had told the court that trying to prosecute internet providers for the things their users use the service for was like suing a power company for things their customers do with electricity.
Newcastle-based internet provider Nomad Digital has won a deal to supply the first free-to-all onboard wireless broadband service on the entire US railroad.
He added: "I have been told the problem does not lie with our internet provider but at the exchange.
Research by internet provider AOL UK also revealed 10-year-olds in the North East would most like to e-mail people like Toon skipper Alan Shearer and Geordie duo Ant and Dec.
Very often these types of lists are maintained by your Internet provider.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-17 November 2004-Swedish Internet provider closes web site with links to al-Qaida - report(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
The civil case pitting personal liberties against national security was brought by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on behalf of an Internet provider whose name is being kept secret by the court.
NEC's Internet provider, Biglobe, has 3.99 million subscribers, while NTT Communications' OCN (Open Computer Network) has 2.85 million, KDDI's Dion 2.07 million, and Japan Telecom's ODN (Open Data Network) 1.86 million.

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