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2], then One Directional Interpolator to C else Multi Directional Adaptive Wighting Interpolator to [C.
Comparisons ID x ISD, ID x KRI and ISD x KRI (Table 6) for 2, 3 and 4 MZs were employed to evaluate map concordance according to the type of interpolator.
and the kriging geostatistical interpolator, it is possible to estimate the dendrometric variables in unsampled locations using the forest inventory (MENG et al.
2009) and designed with slight modifications in interpolator design as shown in Fig.
Whichinterpolator gives the dependable approximation for unidentified areas whereas Mean Prediction Error is steps of interpolator bias.
h], let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] denote the corresponding nodal FEM interpolator.
The unique passages thus seem most likely to be the work of a later interpolator.
Indeed, Africanus plays the part of the 'disreputable' interpolator ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]: as Rudolf Pfeiffer [1968, 114] suggests to be the exact opposite role from the legitimate editor [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) precisely to undermine Hellenistic ideas of what roles editors and texts should play.
After modeling the experimental semivariogram, the infestation intensity values were estimated in non-sampled spots inside the field using as kriging interpolator (Equation 2).
Like the salinity interpolator described earlier, this modeling package was developed in the Java programming language and was informed by earlier ecomodeling efforts performed by the Joint Ecosystem Modeling community of practice (Romanach et al.
It is almost as if the spaces and objects are thrown into empathetic interrelationships--and the viewer moves among these scenes as an interpolator.
For the interpolator, r is dividing into 2 parts, rh and rl, hence r = rh + rl.