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Moreover, the interpositions called on the government to speed up reforming the agricultural lands affected in both of Abyan and Sada provinces which witnessed military confrontations, stressing the need to pay attention to health care and education for displaced people in the different regions.
The seminar included an orientation on the study, its objectives and its significance, in addition to other interpositions on socialization and their relevance and their impact on the individual and society.
Adel Samara 16:40-17:10 Coffee Break 17:10-18:00 Interpositions 18:00-18:15 Summary and reading the concluding statement
Unfortunately, a key quotation from William Whewell has its sense erroneously negated by the omission of "not" before "by insulated interpositions of Divine power" (p.
Ahdab said the recommendations were made in light of legal discussions and following sufficient study of the interpositions made during the conference.
Al-Jawjari had visited Syria several times during the current crisis along with other journalists to inspect the reality of events firsthand far from media fabrications, and he tried to relate the true image through his magazine and through his several interpositions on Egyptian and Arab satellite channels.