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INTERRELATION, civil law. The act by which, in consequence of an agreement, the party bound declares that he will not be bound beyond a certain time. Wolff, Inst. Nat. Sec. 752.
     2. In the case of a lease from year to year, or to continue as long as both parties please, a notice given by one of them to the other of a determination to put an end to the contract, would bear the name of interrelation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Special Royal Guard Force Commander Major Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, a number of BDF's and JAF's top officers and Bahrain-Jordan interrelation officer were present.
So the main purpose of this paper was to present the analytical method for the analysis of dynamical interrelations of electrocardiogram parameters.
In chapter 4, Ross contends that beginning with the Logic of 1812, Hegel takes the logical category of absolute mechanism as the conceptual structure of this interrelation of civil society and the state.
The overall concept of cooperative learning is the positive interrelation that occurs when group members are connected together for the success of the entire group.
Scientific research, programs, and initiatives should focus on HIV-positive women and their interrelation with treatment, adherence, opportunistic infections, female controlled prevention methods, and reproductive health.
We have researched and investigated more than 10,000 companies, therefore our staffs have good and extensive knowledge of Indonesian companies behavior, interrelation among companies, and the actual situation and performance of the companies.
Geographically centered on the northern industrial city of Bradford, known among British Muslims as Britain's 'Islamabad' (city of Islam), Islamic Britain attempts to analyze the dynamics of communal formation and interrelation as experienced by British Muslims.
Peters argues convincingly that it is important for us to think not only of our "phenomenal self" (the self that appears to our senses) but also of our "big self"--the selves that reflect our interrelation with the rest of the evolutionary process.
James came through his seminal work, The Black Jacobins (1938), a page-turning historical account of the (Haitian) San Domingo Revolution (1791-1803) and its interrelation with the French Revolution (1789), bringing into sharp focus the potential of proletarian masses.
Rosand's theme "is the phenomenology of drawing, the complex interrelation of marking and meaning, making and viewing.
fragmentation, of the discipline and of historical reconstructions, they stress the need for context and interrelation. (11)