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They find that these spatial interrogatives do not automatically behave like the common garden variety of noun phrases, which function as Ground in a spatial situation, but form a more or less tightly knit paradigm of their own that may obey rules that are--perhaps only slightly--different from those that govern Ground noun phrases in other sentence types such as declaratives.
He shows cases of sluicing, stripping, gapping, and ellipsis of a verb phrase, a copular complement, or a noun, and observes that interrogative ellipsis does not occur in indirect questions in Sanskrit and that constituents of a compound can undergo ellipsis or become the antecedent of a pro-form.
Questioning can thus be explored as a compensatory process between disequilibriums and equilibriums; this notion helps expand our conception of the question, for it focuses on the process, not the form, allowing us to understand not only interrogative verbal sentences, but also actions and cognitive tasks as questions.
In other words, in the same way that we expect an interrogative wh-expression to land in the CP-Specifier both in matrix and embedded clauses, in much the same sense we would expect T-to-C Movement to be operative in both matrix and embedded wh-interrogatives.
The ultimate goal of an interrogative clause is to seek for information from the hearer, to clarify some doubts or to get a confirmation or a denial of a particular fact where there is any.
The only consultant whose response to (13) was positive regarded such 1st person direct interrogatives as possible in a situation where someone has the feeling that s/he is lost and is deliberating (by him/herself) which way to go.
Having seen some characteristics of Persian regarding stress, prosody, and nuclear accent, we deal with the intonation of interrogatives in the next section.
style question (which he employs often and with brio), and he is especially good at following up a hypothetical with a group of sharp interrogatives that drift ever so casually toward the bizarre.
This is implied in the two interrogatives the brother cites in order to dismiss: "Must we of very sooth go home?
Conducting an analysis of mood involves determining whether clauses are declaratives (statements) or interrogatives (a question that requests information).
In the meantime, we are actively preparing for interrogatives and the discovery phase.