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The 22,000 square metre shopping centre, under construction in Karlovy Vary, will be operated by the Austrian group Interspar.
However, the Division has continued to grow extensively in 1999 with the purchase of 74 Interspar hypermarket stores, owned by the German Spar Handels AG, for $ 1.
Wal-Mart entered Germany in 1997 by acquiring 21 Wertkauf supermarket stores and 74 Interspar supermarkets.
Since moving into Germany, with the acquisition of Wertkauf (1997) and Interspar (1998), and into the United Kingdom, with the acquisition of ASDA (1999), the US company has shown that it sees Europe as more than a test market.
In December 1998 Wal-Mart added 74 Interspar hypermarkets purchased from Spar Handels to its German stable, forging a 95-store chain out of two somewhat suspect links.
Last year Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, bought the 74-store chain of Interspar hypermarkets from Germany's Spar-Handels.
SPAR Hungary has selected Carrier Commercial Refrigerations new Danaos Total Transparency service counters and the award-winning Optimer low front cabinets for two newly-refurbished INTERSPAR hypermarkets.
Less than a year later, Wal-Mart bought 74 stores from another German retailer, Interspar.
The following year the company bought 74 units of the Interspar hypermarket chain.