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Ad display: interstitial ad views are sizeable and displayed in the full browser to capture user attention
The Future5 is the first HTML5 ad-authoring solution that advertisers can use to create rich media banner and interstitial ads.
It also offers space in interstitial ads while the user is dialing in to the service.
Clarifying the handling of video in the context of mobile rich media banner and interstitial ads
Full screen interstitial ads -- A powerful combination of video ads along with 3-6 native ads achieves the best results and spurs improvement in revenue growth and user engagements/various KPI parameters
The app, which is available from Newsstand and also includes a PDF replica edition, a full archive and supplements, features full page interstitial ads, plus leaderboard and MPU slots, enabling the London-based daily newspaper to monetise their content and generate digital revenue.
The company is the market leader in full-screen interstitial ads on iPhone and Android apps, with a focus on large rich media and video ad formats, giving publishers and developers high eCPM's.