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k] are the sums of the items, which is considered in most research as an interval scale although this kind of scales approximate only roughly an interval scale as conceptualized in fundamental measurement theory (Townsend & Ashby, 1984).
In addition, this research would provide information on those constructs where assuming an interval scale for the Likert scale is innocuous, deadly, or somewhere in between.
fits this model), the observed raw ordinal score gained through summing the scores from all the items can be transformed into interval scale measurement (Andrich 1988).
Rasch analysis is the formal testing of an assessment or a scale against a mathematical measurement model which defines how interval scale measurements can be derived from ordinal questionnaires.
For analysis, an ordinal scale was converted to an interval scale, and error terms for each trainee and item were accurately calculated.
In psychological and HRM research, an interval scale response set is ubiquitous (McBride 2001, Edwards 2009).
This paper uses many factors with interval scale such as: trust importance, security importance and privacy.
In this study, a 5-point interval scale made better sense considering the education and exposure of the sample base.
This scale is an equal interval scale that measures a student's academic growth similar to the way a yardstick measures physical growth.