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In addition, Government implements Market Intervention Scheme (MIS) for procurement of agricultural and horticultural commodities not covered under the Minimum Price Support Scheme on the request of State/UT Government.
This should include a review of the EU intervention scheme.
It is hoped the new initiative, which expands on an earlier brief intervention scheme, will help reduce an estimated pounds 85ma-year cost to NHS Wales of treating alcohol-related illnesses and injuries.
The Government also implements Price Support Scheme (PSS) and Market Intervention Scheme (MIS) in order to provide remunerative prices to the farmers and avoid distress sale.
Important schemes/programmes being implemented for the welfare of farmers, and particularly the small and marginal ones, are Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana, National Food Security Mission, Integrated Scheme for Farmers Income Security (including covering risks through insurance cover), Price Support Scheme (PSS), Market Intervention Scheme (MIS), National Horticulture Mission, Funding of Farmer Producer s Organisations, Self Help Groups of Small & Marginal Farmers for achieving benefits of economies of scale, Augmentation of Extension Services, Crop diversification etc.
She said that HPMC would provide quality cartons/trays to the fruit growers of the State through its outlets against the apples supplied to HPMC under Market Intervention Scheme.
Agriculture Ministry is implementing Market Intervention Scheme (MIS) on request of State/ UT Governments for procurement of various horticultural commodities.
The early intervention scheme is already in use in the US, Norway, Denmark and Canada, and is being tested in Australia.
Angola's Minister of Construction, Waldemar Pires Alexandre, has announced that the intervention scheme in the tertiary roads of the northern Bengo province has been re-launched.
Bringing in the proposed early intervention scheme that would offer despairing young people help as soon as possible would be a solid first step to helping prevent further tragedies.
An updated report from the inspectors said, ``The authority has undertaken a considerable amount of work to address criticism, and deserves credit for developing services which are examples of good practice, including a short-term intervention scheme providing rehabilitation for people in the community.
Specific town and city centre operations to tackle night-time violence, including CCTV, pubwatch agreements, an early intervention scheme in Cardiff and bringing plastic glasses into pubs in Bridgend.

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