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The exhibition's organisers and its interviewees will also share their stories further after being invited by the Ricoh Arena to watch their fellow Irishmen and women compete against England in a Six Nations double-header at the Ricoh Arena on Friday, March 16.
Elle a ajoute que 15 femmes interviewees sont porteuses de handicap et 28 femmes victimes de violence ont declare avoir porte plainte contre leurs violeurs.
Bulk powers, as several interviewees claim, are hard to justify regarding their proportionality, and the evidence of their necessity is unclear: "Lots of cases involve it, but that's not the same as it is essential.
In regards to the core questions, interviewees were asked to comment on the importance of business law education for future accountants and the extent to which business law should be taught at tertiary-level.
On the other hand, some interviewees hold back to an unnatural degree.
Second, interviewees described an important communal dimension, centered on trust, which affected their writing and their sense of belonging in both the graduate student and larger academic communities.
Moreover, executives have to devote more time to communicating effectively with their frontline staff (Interview, Interviewees G and S, 22 February 2012; Interview, Interviewee O, 24 February 2012).
Indented text designates direct quotations from interviewees and provides needed white space.
Because of the interviewing methodology retained to consider these questions, direct quotes from interviewees are used to both provide answers and provide the reader a brief glimpse of how transit administrators verbally process issues of social equity.
Appendix A provides information concerning the study's methodology, and Appendix B contains aggregate information about the interviewees.
On the other hand, asked what institution they would turn to if they decided to report corruption, as much as 44 percent of the interviewees said the police, 14.