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While the investigative team members may not want to reveal that they suspect fraud, they need to provide a reason for wanting to talk with potential interviewees.
Because of the interviewing methodology retained to consider these questions, direct quotes from interviewees are used to both provide answers and provide the reader a brief glimpse of how transit administrators verbally process issues of social equity.
On the other hand, asked what institution they would turn to if they decided to report corruption, as much as 44 percent of the interviewees said the police, 14.
But some interviewees suggested that public and party perceptions could be a barrier to standing.
Unlike job interviewees the subjects in sales interviews have little or no interest in being interviewed.
Following the conclusion in Part IV, Appendix A provides information about the study methodology, and Appendix B sets forth aggregate information about the interviewees.
Using information provided by the project's interviewees, this Article underscores that tax collection in the informal sector is an exercise of government power over vulnerable constituents.
When undertaking small business research, the traditional way to select interviewees is to use local business associations, business networks, commercial or nation-wide databases (McGregor & Tweed, 2002; Walker & Brown, 2004), members of a business training programme (Brown, et al.
Interviewees include Daron Acemoglu (MIT), Janet Currie (Princeton) Steven Levitt (U.
Job applicants were ushered into the room and as the interviewee started the interview, a bright light was seen lighting up the TV screen.
Interviewees were also asked if they wished to add any further comments at the end of the interview that they felt might be important to share, as ideas or memories might have arisen as a result of the interview.