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Paralytic ileus, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, bowel ischemia and intestinal perforations are also reported to be associated with CABG in different percentages (7).
2) In the present case intestinal perforation was the first differential diagnosis.
Complications of constipation can vary in severity, from malnutrition and socially unacceptable incontinence with soilage to respiratory compromise necessitating intubation, intestinal obstruction necessitating laparotomy, and peritonitis due to intestinal perforation.
A triple course of three antibiotics was ordered as a preventive measure against possible infection, and intestinal perforation was the most likely source of infection.
Laparotomy showed multiple lesions and intestinal perforation at the ascending and first part of the transverse colon, with a large amount of purulent fluid in the peritoneal cavity.
Intestinal perforation as a complication of tension-free vaginal tape procedure for urinary incontinence.
The goal of management is to prevent progression of disease, intestinal perforation, and shock.
Meconium peritonitis results from prenatal intestinal perforation nearly always involving the small bowel.
In addition to causing appendicitis, (4-7) these parasites have also been implicated in other gastrointestinal problems including intestinal obstruction, (10) intestinal perforation, (16) enterocolitis mimicking Crohn disease, (8) and eosinophilic ileocolitis.
He said: 'Michael has a skull fracture and rib fractures and was operated on yesterday for intestinal perforation.
Tigecycline monotherapy was compared with the combination imipenem/cilastatin (IMI/CIS) regimen (Primaxin) in 817 adult patients with a wide variety of complicated intraabdominal infections, including appendicitis with perforation and abscess (41%), cholecystitis with evidence of perforation or empyema (22%), postoperative intraabdominal abscess (11%), and intestinal perforation with abscess or fecal contamination (9%).
Reported complications include appendicitis, small bowel gangrene, intestinal perforation, hepatic and splenic abscesses, and septicemia.

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