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HEU children may already be at a disadvantage when encountering other illnesses that stress their already weakened immune system, and may have an increased risk of intestinal perforation from C.
He was a 42-year-old with a history of laparotomy for intestinal perforation due to bullet injury in the Iran-Iraq war.
sup][24],[25] Due to concern of high risk of intestinal perforation during treatment in Type II EATL, surgical intervention prior to chemotherapy may be beneficial and deserves consideration in the treatment planning for these patients.
Intestinal perforation caused by chicken bone mimicking perforated colonic diverticulitus.
On the sixth postoperative day, patient underwent abdominal surgery via median laparotomy due to massive dilatation of intestinal structure and radiological findings of intestinal perforation with more than six gas-fluid levels all over the abdomen (Fig.
hongkongensis can be found in blood culture associated with gastrointestinal disease and may reflect intestinal perforation.
The incidence of intestinal perforation is variable (2 - 10%) in different studies.
2) In the present case intestinal perforation was the first differential diagnosis.
A clinical, microbiological, and pathological study of intestinal perforation associated with typhoid fever.
She sued the internist, alleging that his negligence in prescribing the various medications led to the intestinal perforation.
Peritonitis is caused by an intestinal perforation and can kill if not treated quickly.

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