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They always wanted to be the intimidators, the good guys out to get the bad guys," he said.
And the reality in Zaire, another aid agency official told NCR, is that NGOs and the UNHCR are feeding intimidators and those who carried out the genocide, who still are largely unrepentant about their role in that genocide.
Prida said at the time, "What amazes me about Miami is why so many people are afraid to speak up against the intimidators.
For not to do so is a victory for the intimidators.
The victim fled his car chased by one of the suspected intimidators during an alleged bid to seize the vehicle from him, a judge was told.
The real intimidators were next door, where firefighters Philip Lourito and Mauriello Velasquez cranked a siren to bring attention to their collection of chili trophies.
The French officer, when asked if he saw it as his job as gardien de paix to pass on orders given by lawless intimidators, gave an eloquent shrug.
As a member of the Kannapolis Intimidators, he was the starting pitcher in the South Atlantic League All-Star Game in 2001.