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The Lakers are not the puffed-up intimidators who wear the championship crown in a clash of new-millenium NBA titans.
Nearly 40 women from four counties attended last year's camp to receive instruction from Intimidators manager John Orton and some of his players.
When The Political Machine was being developed, political operatives like Hollywood Friend, Smear Merchants, and Intimidators were thought to potentially be "unrealistic".
She added: "This kind of intimidation is inhumane and our non-nationals are afraid to expose their intimidators for fear of being deported.
The real intimidators were next door, where firefighters Philip Lourito and Mauriello Velasquez cranked a siren to bring attention to their collection of chili trophies.
Deeley said by banding together and forming Neighborhood Watch groups, private citizens concerned about potential retaliation can effectively intimidate the intimidators.
Now, doctors weren't the only intimidators, emphasizes ISMP vice president Judy Smetzer, RN, BSN.
Political junkies will appreciate many of the political consultants and strategies employed in the game such as the use of smear merchants, spin doctors, intimidators, cheer leaders, movie stars, etc.