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His actions included losing his temper and shouting at her, acting in an aggressive and intimidatory manner towards her and failing to treat her with respect.
Fleet had surprised Merthyr with a late equaliser at Penydarren Park and had ruffled the locals feathers in the process with a particularly physical and intimidatory approach to the game.
With the all-important Ryder Cup next on the horizon we need a British or European winner to wrest back the psychological advantage the Yanks have gained in recent months with some outstanding performances, especially on their own real estate and, of course, including the return to form and intimidatory omnipresence of Tiger Woods.
The HPC panel found Vidler guilty of demonstrating threatening and intimidatory behaviour towards staff from the hospital and another trust.
lt;br /> &nbsp;<br /> &acirc;&euro;&oelig;But what is worse is the intimidatory tactics by Rio&acirc;&euro;<sup>TM</sup>s aluminium management against workers who wish to meet with a union about legitimate health and safety issues.
Even the onlooking Martina Navratilova who won 18 grand slam singles titles, including nine at Wimbledon, with a brand of tennis equally intimidatory, must have been glad she was safely out of range of Williams s serve.
Sir Gus to deny explicitly that he had spoken to Brown about intimidatory
Amicus and our members in the Trust have been calling for this for a long time and individuals have been scapegoated and faced intimidatory action as a result.
14, 1985, in which chocolate and other sweets containing toxic cyanic acid were found in department stores and elsewhere, will expire on Sunday, ending the police probe into a series of intimidatory acts in 1984-1985 against Glico, Morinaga, Fujiya Co.
There has been a spate of reports of intimidatory methods used to collect such loans as well as reports of suicide by borrowers who could not repay.
Miss Grant said: "Each time I was told I was behaving in an uncooperative and intimidatory way towards my colleagues and certain clients.
Betsi Risk Register 2013) "Labour ward did not meet standards; inadequate ward rounds; poor communication and lack of team working; lack of clarity about consultants on call; unprofessional behaviour; bullying and intimidatory behaviour; undermining and overriding self interest (Mark Drakeford's comment on College of Obstetric's Reports 2013) Dr Philip Banfield, consultant obstetrician at YGC, is chair of the BMA Council for Wales.