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United; coupled together in interest; shared between two or more persons; not solitary in interest or action but acting together or in unison. A combined, undivided effort or undertaking involving two or more individuals. Produced by or involving the concurring action of two or more; united in or possessing a common relation, action, or interest. To share common rights, duties, and liabilities.


adj., adv. referring to property, rights or obligations which are united, undivided and shared by two or more persons or entities. Thus, a joint property held by both cannot be effectively transferred unless all owners join in the transaction. If a creditor sues to collect a joint debt, he/she must include all the debtors in the lawsuit, unless the debt is specifically "joint and several," meaning anyone of the debtors may be individually liable. Therefore, care must be taken in drafting deeds, sales agreements, promissory notes, joint venture agreements, and other documents. A joint tenancy is treated specially, since it includes the right of the survivor to get the entire property when the other dies (right of survivorship). (See: joint tenancy, joint and several, joint venture, tenancy in common)


adjective allied, amalgamated, associated, coalitional, collaborative, collective, combined, common, communal, communis, community, concerted, concurrent, confederate, conjoint, conjugate, conjunct, consolidated, cooperative, coordinated, corporate, correal, harmonious, inseparable, joined, leagued, merged, mixed, mutual, shared, synergetic, unified, united
Associated concepts: joint account, joint action, joint advennure, joint and several liability, joint enterprise, joint interrst, joint liability, joint negligence, joint ownership, joint resolution, joint tenancy, joint tort feasors
See also: collective, common, concerted, concomitant, concordant, concurrent, conjoint, connection, consensual, federal, intersection, mutual, united

JOINT. United, not separate; as, joint action, or one which is brought by several persons acting together; joint bond, a bond given by two or more obligors.

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The panel also conditionally recommended against the use of intra-articular therapies and opioid analgesics.
The findings are among the first to systematically demonstrate efficacy and feasibility of intra-articular glucocorticoid injections when used in combination with disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) in the setting of early rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Dr.
Several biomechanical studies have shown that alterations in radial height, radial inclination, volar tilt, and intra-articular step-off lead to alterations in wrist joint contact pressures (Table 1).
The researchers concluded that "the use of intra-articular pain pump catheters eluting bupivacaine with epinephrine appear highly associated with postarthroscopic glenohumeral chondrolysis.
The Hoffa fracture refers to an isolated, coronally-oriented fracture of either femoral condyle, with intra-articular extension.
Haugeberg, professor of neuroscience at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, and a member of the department of rheumatology at Sorlandet Hospital in Kristiansand (Norway), and his associates at two clinical centers in the United Kingdom treated 19 early RA patients with methotrexate alone and 21 with methotrexate plus intra-articular corticosteroid injections for 3 months.
The Phase 2 clinical trial is entitled, "A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Multi-dose Phase 2 Study Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Intra-articular Injections of TPX-100 in Subjects with Mild to Moderate Patello-Femoral Osteoarthritis Involving Both Knees.
New studies should target intra-articular therapy within hours of the traumatic injury, as opposed to the weeks of delay in her pilot study, Dr.
Reported indications for hip arthroscopy include labral tears, loose bodies, femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), ruptured ligamentum teres, chondral injuries, arthritis, adhesive capsulitis, instability, synovial disease, disorders of the iliopsoas tendon, tight iliotibial band, tears of the hip abductors, and diagnosis of unresolved intra-articular hip pain.
to measure patients' perceptions about their experiences with EUFLEXXA[TM], an intra-articular hyaluronic acid (IA-HA) for the relief of pain in knee osteoarthritis (OA).
The study results demonstrated that co-administered Traumeel (Tr14) and Zeel (Ze14) intra-articular (IA) injections are safe and effective treatments for moderate to severe pain associated with knee osteoarthritis (OA) versus IA placebo.
Circumstantial evidence has linked chondrolysis to arthroscopic procedures involving mishandling of thermal probes, the use of bioabsorbable labral fixation devices containing proinflammatory compounds such as polyglycolic acid, and--most significantly--postoperative use of high-volume intra-articular pain pumps to administer local anesthetic.

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