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La posicion intransigente y la "politica de hostilidad perpetua", en palabras de Henry Kissinger, hacia Cuba ha sido un aspecto de friccion entre los cubanos y otros grupos radicados en el sur de la Florida, y, en casos de aguda confrontacion en el ambito federal, como durante la crisis del nino Elian Gonzalez Broton.
The Radical reorganization under the leadership of Marcelo de Alvear was followed by internal divisions that widened throughout the long decade, between the alvearista leadership and groups such as FORJA (Radical Force for the Guidance of Argentine Youth) and different Intransigente factions, who mainly questioned the party's strategy and relationship to the government.
Hechos e Ideas thus developed a liberal version that was more consistent with the reformist and economic and social legacy of the Radical administrations of 1916-30 and was related to positions advanced by Intransigente and even FORJA sectors within the party.
Moreover, as Persello notes, Intransigente groups and individuals opposed to Alvear, such as Moises Lebenhson, Arturo Frondizi, Julio Barcos, and Luciano Catalano, shared the call for a social and economic democracy and the denunciation of foreign economic influences, monopolies, and oligarchies, elements that additionally appear in FORJA's foundational manifesto in 1935 and later documents.