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Because the data were not normally distributed, as verified by the Shapiro-Wilk test at 5% significance level, differences between the medians of hospital stay and duration of intravenous therapy in days were evaluated using the non-parametric Mann-Whitney test.
Administration of long-term intravenous therapy in both people and animals is problematic.
It begins with a guide for success throughout the nursing program, with information on getting the most from clinical rotations, being successful in distance learning courses, and dealing with stress, followed by data and procedures for communication, the basics of nursing care, assessment, pain, emergencies and critical care, measurements and conversions, common lab test values, medication administration, intravenous therapy, perioperative care, perinatal care, nutrition, and other aspects of care.
In March, 1996 we were approached by an osteopath asking to utilize our clinic for intravenous therapy for a patient with multiple myeloma.
ST10-021 has the potential to help a large number of patients who are currently on intravenous therapy or cannot cope with the side effects of oral ferrous drugs.
Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice is the culmination of a major project commenced in 1998 to develop a nationwide framework for intravenous therapy for New Zealand nurses.
She has completed advanced, training in intravenous therapy, CranialSacral therapy and complementary cancer care.
The drug, anti-clotting therapy Atryn, is an intravenous therapy made using a human protein gathered from female goats specially bred to produce it in their milk.
I also take this opportunity to clarify information stated in the correspondence, "This case highlights the potential problems with the multiple components of intravenous therapy and in particular with this type of one-way valve".
Isavuconazole provides a favorable spectrum of activity and safety and is likely to be available as both an oral and intravenous therapy.
The 16 contributions in this British textbook introduce the anatomy and physiology of the blood circulation system, peripheral intravenous therapy, local and systemic complications, types of infusion devices, vascular access, and long-term central venous access.
This new tubing with Gentex's patented Clearweld additive technology enables medical tubing to he laser welded to transparent medical components used in intravenous therapy, hemodialysis, cardiovascular, urinary drainage, catheterization, neonatal, and angioplasty applications.

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