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Additional experiments were performed to investigate the apoptosis mechanism, which was found to be an ROS-dependent mitochondria-mediated intrinsic pathway.
Activated caspase 8 can trigger the intrinsic pathway through the cleavage of Bid.
Caption: Figure 2: Extrinsic and intrinsic pathways of sepsis.
Therapeutic approaches for prevention of lymphocyte apoptosis in murine models of sepsis Strategy Intervention Reference Prevent triggering of Blockade of Fas ligand by using (27) extrinsic pathway Fas fusion protein Prevent triggering of Prevent Fas expression by using (28) extrinsic pathway siRNA Prevent initiation Anti-CD40 agonist antibodies (29) Prevent initiation Treatment with Bcl-2 agonist (30) peptides Prevent triggering of Antiretroviral protease (31) intrinsic pathway inhibitors Prevent execution phase Anticaspase-8 siRNA (28) Prevent execution phase Treatment with caspase (32, 33) inhibitors
6,7] When endothelial cells are damaged, the exposed collagen activates FXII, which stimulates the intrinsic pathway and converts prekallikrein to kallikrein to activate fibrinolysis.
The effect of deistopholine effect on caspases 3 and 9 indicated the involvement of an intrinsic pathway that triggered cell apoptosis in the cells.
For the native compound, no complete reduction was observed in all the Am-2 concentrations tested in vitro or had effects on the activity of thrombin generated in the intrinsic pathway dependently on the concentration of SP (Figure 3A and B) (Glauser et al.
15,16) The intrinsic pathway is routed through the mitochondria.
An isolated result showing aPTT prolongation suggests a deficiency or inhibitor of one or more of the intrinsic pathway clotting factors (prekallikrein, high molecular weight kininogen, factors XII, XI, IX, and VIII).
This glycoprotein seems to inhibit the activation of the contact phase system of the intrinsic pathway of blood coagulation (10).