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INTRODUCTION. That part of a writing in which are detailed those facts which elucidate the subject. In chancery pleading, the introduction is that part of a bill which contains the names and description of the persons exhibiting the bill. In this part of the bill are also given the places of abode, title, or office, or business, and the character in which they sue, if it is in autre droit, and such other description as is required to show the jurisdiction of the court. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4156.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'SEC is committed to work with them, when they list by way of introduction naturally it will translate to public offering by and large.
If stated in an introduction, they could motivate a reader to continue, and they also would serve as a guide to the writer.
When making introductions, I am always mindful that I am implicitly making an endorsement.
Extensively illustrated with updated maps, charts, tables, and photographs, this new edition of "Introduction to Cities" also includes a new section on urban planning as well as new chapters on cities as contested spaces, exploring power and politics in an urban context.
The two Amendment Bills were referred to standing committees concerned after introduction.
Unlike the abstract and overall word limit for original research articles by different journals there is no set forth word limit for the introduction. The Cochrane systematic review word limit is 10000 words.
reported that in a group of 2073 children, delaying introduction of solid foods past 4 or 6 months did not reduce the incidence of developing atopic conditions.
Keywords - Research writing, introduction, writing research introduction, content analysis, Philippines
Among 72 countries that were eligible for phase II (2007-2010) financial support from the GAVI Alliance for PCV introduction, 23 (32%) introduced PCV and all low-income introductions occurred with GAVI Alliance support.
The Memorandum sets out the areas of technical cooperation for a study on the introduction of a nuclear power plant, promoted by the government of Kazakhstan, following a "Cooperation Agreement for LWR Nuclear Power Plant Introduction in Republic of Kazakhstan" signed among the Japan Atomic Power Company, the NNC and other relevant organizations at a joint public-private sector delegation in April 2007.
o Introduction to nanotechnology status in Iran and in the world;
Timing of solid food introduction and risk of obesity in preschool-aged children.

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