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noun act of bringing in, admittance, formal presentation, inductio, induction, interposition, invectio, offering, offering as an exhibit, placing, presentation
Associated concepts: introduction of evidence
See also: appearance, beginning, birth, emergence, genesis, inflow, infusion, insertion, installation, nascency, onset, origination, outset, overture, preamble, preface, prelude

INTRODUCTION. That part of a writing in which are detailed those facts which elucidate the subject. In chancery pleading, the introduction is that part of a bill which contains the names and description of the persons exhibiting the bill. In this part of the bill are also given the places of abode, title, or office, or business, and the character in which they sue, if it is in autre droit, and such other description as is required to show the jurisdiction of the court. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4156.

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This study analysed the content and structure of the introductions of published research articles authored by faculty researchers of higher education institutions in Mindanao.
That is because there is basically only one structure that works well: (1) a four-part introduction, followed by (2) a simple body containing only a few key points backed up in varied ways, followed by (3) a brief summary.
Can the general introductions written by Flandrin and Montanan actually provide a "superb historical overview" given this narrow geographical range?
His introductions to each colloquy have also been retained in essence, though often expanded.
In 1998, food introductions declined by 11%, dropping to 11,037, compared with 12,398 in 1997 (table 1).
Many new food introductions are only changes in package size or color, and not new in the sense of being truly innovative.
The introductions that precede each playwright's work are uneven, repetitive at times, and occasionally prone to factual error.
This new research set out to identify the pathways for individual H5N1 introductions as the virus spread through Asia, Europe and Africa.
Questions of bulk and cost all the same did not prevent him from expanding this updated edition from 1648 to 1706 pages, not counting the general introductions or the additions in the appendices.
Actual performance and results of operations may differ materially from those projected or suggested in the forward-looking statements due to certain risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, the timing of product introductions.
In fact, the last year has seen the strongest array of introductions in Agilent's automated test history.
At the press conference, Waters(R) will provide an update on the impact that UPLC(TM) is having on laboratory productivity and discuss new product introductions for its ACQUITY UPLC(TM) product line including an evaporative light scattering detector, new ACQUITY UPLC chemistries and an LC/MS - based proteomics solution powered by ACQUITY UPLC technology.

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