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noun aggression, attack, encroachment, forced entrance, importunitas, imposition, incursion, infringement, interference, interloping, interruption, invasion, irruption, meddling, obtrusion, uninvited attendance, uninvited entry, unlawful entry, unwelcome suggestion
Associated concepts: intrusion of rights, right of privacy, trespass
See also: assault, disturbance, encroachment, incursion, infringement, interference, interruption, intervention, invasion, molestation, nuisance, onset

INTRUSION, estates, torts. When an ancestor dies seised of an estate of inheritance expectant upon an estate for life, and then the tenant dies, and between his death and the entry of the heir, a stranger unlawfully enters upon the estate, this is called an intrusion. It differs from an abatement, for the latter is an entry into lands void by the death of a tenant in fee, and an intrusion, as already stated, is an entry into land void by the death of a tenant for years. F. N. B. 203 3 Bl. Com. 169 Archb. Civ. Pl. 12; Dane's Ab. Index, h. t.

INTRUSION, remedies. The name of a writ, brought by the owner of a fee simple, &c., against an intruder. New Nat. Br. 453.

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Hydrothermally altered volcanic and/or intrusive rocks of intermediate to silicic composition are present in the deposits and prospects discussed, as well as at a number of additional prospects.
Surface mapping by our geological crew has identified copper oxide mineralization and the same alteration assemblage elsewhere on the Zafranal Property in deformed intrusive rocks similar to those which host Victoria.
This discovery highlighted a new type of setting for nickel mineralization in ultramafic intrusive rocks of the region, where Ni-Cu-Co-PGE deposits were already known to be associated with komatiitic rocks in greenstone belts.
Around the town of Marathon, the intrusive rocks of the Coldwell Complex has become an active area for companies finding good numbers for copper, nickel and platinum group metals (PGMs).
This is followed by a segment highlighting PGE mineralization concentrated as a result of the physicochemical interaction of intrusive rocks and host rock.
These claims cover a tight, east to south flexure in the Opinaca-La Grande contact zone, and are underlain mainly by basalt meta-volcanic rocks in contact with tonalite intrusive rocks.
Recently, YTC Resources reported an intercept of 50m of "porphyry style alteration in intrusive rocks with associated weak copper mineralisation" at Mullahgalah (Figure 1) on a prominent magnetic anomaly 15km north of Thomson's Byrock Project.
They have a good handle on the properties of the River Valley Intrusive's 12-km contact and now are working to expand away from the line into the intrusive rocks.
The geological setting of the project area is similar to the prolific Sadiola and Loulo gold districts in adjacent Mali, being underlain by highly prospective, Birimian-aged metasedimentary, volcanic and intrusive rocks along a seven-kilometre strike length of the Senegal-Mali Shear Zone.