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noun aggression, attack, encroachment, forced entrance, importunitas, imposition, incursion, infringement, interference, interloping, interruption, invasion, irruption, meddling, obtrusion, uninvited attendance, uninvited entry, unlawful entry, unwelcome suggestion
Associated concepts: intrusion of rights, right of privacy, trespass
See also: assault, disturbance, encroachment, incursion, infringement, interference, interruption, intervention, invasion, molestation, nuisance, onset

INTRUSION, estates, torts. When an ancestor dies seised of an estate of inheritance expectant upon an estate for life, and then the tenant dies, and between his death and the entry of the heir, a stranger unlawfully enters upon the estate, this is called an intrusion. It differs from an abatement, for the latter is an entry into lands void by the death of a tenant in fee, and an intrusion, as already stated, is an entry into land void by the death of a tenant for years. F. N. B. 203 3 Bl. Com. 169 Archb. Civ. Pl. 12; Dane's Ab. Index, h. t.

INTRUSION, remedies. The name of a writ, brought by the owner of a fee simple, &c., against an intruder. New Nat. Br. 453.

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Surface mapping by our geological crew has identified copper oxide mineralization and the same alteration assemblage elsewhere on the Zafranal Property in deformed intrusive rocks similar to those which host Victoria.
This discovery highlighted a new type of setting for nickel mineralization in ultramafic intrusive rocks of the region, where Ni-Cu-Co-PGE deposits were already known to be associated with komatiitic rocks in greenstone belts.
The drill program was designed to gain a better understanding of the recently discovered gold mineralization at Clam Lake hosted by strongly silicified and brecciated intrusive rocks, associated with an east-west trending subsurface apparent resistivity anomaly.
As can be seen from the preponderance of gold and base metal prospects around these intrusive rocks, they are considered integral to the location of at least some of the gold and base metal mineralization discovered to date.
The Kiwi property consists of 32 units (668 ha) located 25km west of the North Canol Road which overlie high-grade gold occurrences associated with intrusive rocks in contact with silicified shales with controlling east-west dilational structural features.
Regional aeromagnetic data suggest that the East Spruce Project lies on the margin of a large buried intrusion that is part of a northeast alignment of intrusive rocks that extends 90 mi (150 km) from the Bald Mountain Mining District, located to the southwest, through the new Pequop (Long Canyon) Mining District to the northeast and farther northeast to the Tecoma (gold) District.
The Hazelton Group rocks are variably fractured and are hornfelsed on the contact with the intrusive rocks.
Prior surface and underground sampling conducted by Colombian Mines Corporation has previously identified continuous gold mineralization within the Encanto fault zone that occurs within Miocene-age porphyritic intrusive rocks and as a bounding structure between the young intrusive rocks and older sedimentary rocks.
Gold mineralization is found in skarn material associated with intrusive rocks and within veins hosted by both intrusive and sedimentary rocks.
Cardelena hosts the same Laramide age intrusive rocks and Cretaceous andesitic volcanic rocks as at Suaqui Verde and Adriana that have yet to be explored systematically for porphyry copper mineralization.
The above rocks are cut by mid-Cretaceous intrusive rocks that range in composition from diorite to granite.
Limited sampling of the felsic dikes and other felsic intrusive rocks by Altius yielded up to 1.