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To result; to take effect; to be of use, benefit, or advantage to an individual.

For example, when a will makes the provision that all Personal Property is to inure to the benefit of a certain individual, such an individual is given the right to receive all the personal property owned by the testator upon his or her death.


v. result in. Commonly used in legal terminology in the phrase: "to inure to the benefit of Janet Jones."


to come into operation or take effect.

TO INURE. To take effect; as, the pardon inures.

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By using a QSub to exchange the properties, no liabilities inure to the parent.
Similarly, net earnings may inure to the benefit of an individual in ways other than through the distribution of dividends.
Further, lobbying fees earned by the law firms inures to the benefit of every member of the firm.
Their beliefs about Jews inures them to the natural sympathies that might have otherwise prevented such behaviour.
Rather, such right inures to the individual owners of the property," Nastaki wrote.
In addition, an increase in the value of a policy's investments inures to the employee without tax consequence.
The payment of income tax by the transferor does not constitute a taxable gift, even though the economic value inures to the transferee's benefit.