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Null; void; without force or effect; lacking in authority.

For example, a will that has not been properly witnessed is invalid and unenforceable.


adjective abrogated, baseless, canceled, fallacious, faulty, futile, having no force, inadequate, ineffectual, inefficacious, inoperative, inritus, lacking authority, lacking force, lacking strength, not binddng, nugatory, null, quashed, unauthentic, untenable, untrue, useless, vain, void, weak, without legal efficacy
Associated concepts: invalid delegation, invalid gift, invalid transfer, invalid will
Foreign phrases: Ab abusu ad usum non valet consequennia.A conclusion as to the use of a thing from its abuse is invalid.
See also: disabled, fallacious, false, faulty, helpless, illegal, inaccurate, inactive, inconsequential, ineffective, ineffectual, nugatory, null and void, otiose, patient, powerless, sophistic, unavailing, unsound, untenable

INVALID. In a physical sense, it is that which is wanting force; in a figurative sense, it signifies that which has no effect.

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Ils rappelaient que son transfert a Paris avait ete decide pour "un complement d'exploration, a l'issue de laquelle ses medecins lui ont recommande d'observer, a l'institution nationale des Invalides, une periode de soins et de readaptation fonctionnelle en vue de consolider l'evolution favorable de son etat de sante".
Napoleon's tomb under the dome of Les Invalides On your bike.
Police momentarily blocked the march as it reached the lawns of Les Invalides.
I RECENTLY met a former French Foreign Legionnaire who told me that he still received a wine ration produced in Provence at an unusual retirement home, Les Invalides de la Legion Etrangere.
The Government urged Britons to steer clear of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral, Les Invalides and the Sorbonne University in Paris after clashes between police and protesters.
A stand-off heated up on Paris' verdant Esplanade des Invalides, with riot police using tear gas on rowdy protesters.
In Weider hopes to gain access to Napoleon's body, buried in the gilded Invalides monument in Paris
The building's dominant feature is its gilded dome, which is patterned after the 17th century dome of the Hotel des Invalides in Paris.
After 15 minutes we were off again, and now--past the point of exhaustion but buoyed by the communal fervor--I saw everything with a dream's magnified lucidity: the Champ de Mars park, the Ecole Militaire, Les Invalides.
Napoleon (L'Eglise du Dome, Les Invalides, Paris) left a trail of camels, dogs and horses behind, including Marengo, who was captured at Waterloo and has ended up at the National Army Museum in Chelsea.
The state ceremonies were held at Les Invalides, a building where the body of French Emperor Napoleon lies in state.
The government then withdrew it from service and installed it in the courtyard of the Invalides in Paris where it was intended to remain as a permanent monument to victory.