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Next, measurement invariance of the models with the best fit was investigated across the delinquent and comparison groups.
Constraining the factor loadings in model 3 led to a CFI difference indicating configurai invariance.
Evaluating goodness-of-fit indexes for testing measurement invariance.
Following Milfont and Fischer's (2010) recommendation, we focused on the first three levels of invariance.
Sensitivity of goodness of fit indexes to lack of measurement invariance.
Testing measurement invariance across groups: Applications in cross-cultural research.
As indicated above, the aim was to study the factorial structure of the CIAF and its invariance in relation to sex, age and physical activity.
The analysis of invariance was conducted to determine whether any or all of the dimensions of the questionnaire were invariant for different groups.
The purpose of MGCFA is to test the factorial invariance of a construct when applied to members of different groups.
In practice, invariance is assessed by imposing increasingly stringent constraints on nested models.
To assess measurement invariance, researchers test for configural, metric, scalar, factor covariance, factor variance, and error variance invariance as suggested by Steenkamp and Baumgartner (1998).
The measurement invariance testing procedure is framed in detail for the reader since few studies using the procedure appear in the literature on entrepreneurship.