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In this note, we show that the Yamaguchi's method in [12,13] is applicable to Higher-dimensional Reidemeister torsion invariants, so that we have a formula of the hyperbolic volume of a knot complement using twisted Alexander invariants.
Then, mathematical formulation for invariants based VPC is proposed combining NMPC, local model that is used to predict the evolution of features, is designed based on feature jacobian with nice decoupling and linear properties.
Then [GAMMA] is used to extract potential invariants in the detecting phase.
4], where the three invariants (P, Q, and R) were defined and some useful properties of the P-Q-R space were illustrated.
As a core step in satellite image target matching recognition, feature extraction may be classified into global and local invariant feature extraction based on the amount of utilised target information.
Literature [7] adopted wavelet transform to extract rotation invariant texture features, but with this algorism, only approximate rotation invariant features could be obtained.
Invariant submanifolds of a contact manifold have been a major area of research for a long time since the concept was borrowed from complex geometry.
We now consider the higher-dimensional Laplace invariants of the system of equations (2) (see [4]-[5] for the definition of these invariants),
It is easy to compute projective invariants for a discrete point set [6].
The core of our 3D face recognition framework is the representation of a facial surface which is invariant to isometric deformations, by bending invariants (BI) [16, 17].
Throughout this work Pandemic H1N1 genomic sequences were characterized according to nonlinear dynamical features such as moment invariants and largest Lyapunov exponents and then compared to those features that extracted from classical H1N1 genomic sequences.